Enable license plate recognition with any ip-camera
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  • Make: Jeep Cherokee
  • Color: White
  • Plate: DFA-51-89
  • Make: Chevrolet Aveo
  • Color: Grey Metallic
  • Plate: AKA-43-17
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What we offer

License plates recognition

Vehicle type, make/model, colour recognition

People recognition and counting

Key features
Connects to any ip-camera and various image sources including video and image files
it can adapt to multiple streaming formats as well such as MJPEG or H264
Stores data of license plates in an easily applicable database, in various file formats
or pushes them to the business application directly on demand
Multi lane reading aru can read license plates and distinguish traffic by lane
in case the image source shows multiple lanes Multi lane reading is supported up to 3 lanes/camera
Aru reads license plate registration numbers in any country of the world
and recognizes country of issuance in more than 110 countries
How it works:
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